We believe every child has the right to learn.

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Barrilete is a Social Innovation Enterprise that provides research and technology services to strengthen and improve the public education system and provide children with tools that will help them to have a better future.


We want to improve Latin America’s education quality through technology access.

We believe that most social problems that we face nowadays can be resolved with education and that real change is generational, our hope is in the emerging generations, and technology is the best tool to create critical thinking citizens, empowered with knowledge and kindness, that aim to make the world a better place.

We are in constant research, we mix big data with thick data and use processes such as Design Thinking, to find innovation opportunities based on the needs of the groups of children for whom we work for.

We are developing a digital platform for elementary students.

That will help them to reinforce and better understand their school curricula and also includes social content to improve access to knowledge about issues such as gender equality, violence, and nutrition. We will collect data from students that will analyze their individual and collective progress.

We also create and produce the content that feeds this platform, the contents tailored towards the needs of each group of children.

Barrilete is constituted in Costa Rica, but our team is international; our, advisors, and members are located in different parts of the world.



Research focused on improving the quality of education

Technology focused on education

Design and development of educational platforms

Educational content generation

Technology and education consultancies

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If leveraged in the right way and made universally accessible, digital technology can be a game changer for children being left behind – whether because of poverty, race, ethnicity, gender, disability, displacement or geographic isolation – connecting them to a world of opportunity and providing them with the skills they need to succeed in a digital world. But unless we expand access, digital technology may

create new divides that prevent children from fuelling their potential.

And if we don’t act now to keep pace with rapid change, online risks may make vulnerable children more susceptible to exploitation, abuse and even trafficking – as well as more subtle threats to their well-being.”

- Unicef -

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